Dan Fitzgibbons

For Dan Fitzgibbons, Minnesota is home, even though he wasn’t actually born there. Though he was born in Fargo, North Dakota, Dan has become a highly regarded member of the Minneapolis and Twin Cities business community. This should surprise no one, since he has so many years of experience and he has fully supported that community for a long time. Besides serving the Minneapolis office of EMC Corporation Data Protection Business Manager for decades, he has also been quite a community leader for that time.

As far as Dan Fitzgibbons is concerned, family and community always play a prominent role in his life. They always have, even when he grew up the youngest in a family with five children in Fargo, North Dakota. Dan is now married with two children. He loves his adopted community so much, that he works hard to give back when he can, working with groups that help the poor get food and work. One of his favorite charities is Loaves and Fishes, which served more than 460,000 hot meals in 2015, but he has also given as much support as possible to charities that provide clothing and food to hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans every year.